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Content Marketing Courses from Julia

As your content marketing coach and mentor, I’m here to help you develop critical content marketing skills that are guaranteed to work.

Through my proven courses, learn how to build a powerful online presence through content marketing, grow your business’s authority, generate consistent organic traffic, and optimize your content strategy so you get results from creating content—EVERY time.

Inside my courses are the very skills I’ve used to grow my online writing agency from $75 to a current-day value of $5M. With smart frameworks and processes, I’m passing these same lessons, tips, and skills along to you so you can also leverage these methods for your own success

My Content Hacker™ Academy Courses, outlined below, offer detailed, thorough training in content marketing, SEO, and writing, and range from one-week to six-week programs. All of my courses are designed to equip ambitious entrepreneurs and marketers with REAL content marketing growth techniques, vital content marketing knowledge, and SEO online writing skills.

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

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The Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Know how to build and implement your own content strategy

content strategy and marketing course

In less than 45 days, gain complete mastery of crucial content strategy and marketing methodologies that you need in order to develop a content strategy from A-Z and build a brand with longevity, authority, and sustainability.

That’s what The Content Strategy & Marketing Course does. This flagship course is updated every year with prominent, industry-leading course partners such as BuzzSumo, Semrush, and Airtable, to name a few.

Julia’s comprehensive curriculum will teach you to lay down the right foundations needed to develop your content marketing strategy from the ground up. You’ll learn how to build the major components of your own brand strategy at each stage so you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.

Course Curriculum

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

Learn how to write great SEO content for Google in one week

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

In less than 45 days, gain complete mastery of crucial content strategy and marketing methodologies that you need in order to develop a content strategy from A-Z and build a brand with longevity, authority, and sustainability.

SEO is one of the key ingredients to high-ranking, high-performing content. In this powerful one-week course, Julia will guide you through step-by-step tutorials that will teach you about tools for keyword discovery and best writing practices to use whether you’re writing a long-form blog, web article, landing page, or any other form of content.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to generate profitable topics, perform content analysis, track your rankings, create lead magnets for subscriber growth, boost your writing productivity and speed, price content writing services, and more.

To get you ready for success, the course includes guided SEO writing prompts and other resources so you can start generating click-worthy content right away.

These valuable lessons will leave you with a clear understanding of how to increase your website rankings, produce content that continues to bring in organic traffic long after publication, and achieve maximum ROI from your campaigns.

Course Curriculum

Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Writing Course

Learn how to write and format for 11 different types of online content

Unlearn Essay Writing- Your Professional Writing Course

Here’s a little-known secret: the essay-style writing you learned in high school and college is great for academic papers, but it could be holding you back when it comes to the content types you need to develop in content marketing.

Unlearning habits isn’t easy, but Julia will help you break down old practices layer by layer, and retrain your brain to write for Google’s preferences rather than a professor’s. She’ll teach you how to dissect a piece of content, cut fluff to tighten up sentences, ruthlessly self-edit, and keep up with the ever-evolving online grammar rules.

She also provides an arsenal of handy tools at your disposal, including two modules with detailed training videos, workbooks, workshop-style exercises, cheat sheets, and access to a whole community of writers in the Unlearn Essay Writing student group.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to write content in 11 different online formats, all optimized to fit into your content marketing strategy and build real, long-term ROI.

Course Curriculum

The Content Hacker™ Ultimate Course Bundle: All Courses + All Bonuses

Get inside every one of Julia’s courses—right now

The Content Hacker™ Ultimate Course Bundle

Interested in a lifetime seat to all of Julia’s Content Hacker™ courses, including the accompanying resources, exercises, templates, workbooks, writing prompts, downloads, and other educational goodies?

The Content Hacker™ Ultimate Bundle grants you an all-access pass to everything:

  • The Content Strategy & Marketing Course + bonuses
  • The Expert SEO Content Writer Course + bonuses
  • The Unlearn Essay Writing Course + bonuses
  • Save over $500 on the bundle!

Access more than 80 videos packed with valuable information presented in easy-to-follow, digestible lessons and complemented by resources that will help you power through the courses at your own pace. You’ll be able to use these cutting-edge teachings for your own brand as well as your clients’ brands, skyrocketing the value you have to offer.

This all-inclusive bundle is the best value if you’re interested in learning every aspect of content marketing and SEO writing, saving you more than $500 when compared to purchasing the courses individually.

The Content Hacker™ Process Map

Your ultimate guide to creating & delegating content

The Content Hacker™ Process Map

After a personal request from a student, Julia created an all-encompassing, step-by-step pathway of her successful content creation process. This guide will take you from beginning concepts, through the inner stages, and all the way up to the delegation process.

Follow along with this handy roadmap to learn the essentials of managing your time and your business in the most efficient way possible.

No more wild guesses when it comes to the extensive process of creating, publishing, and promoting content that earns traffic and leads. Even with content marketing and SEO knowledge, the full scope can be overwhelming. Julia will help illuminate order in the common content marketing chaos, so you can implement a smart, methodical process and understand when you should be delegating tasks to balance your workload (and when you should NOT).

As a bonus, she even includes her own personal rolodex of trustworthy references to hire—so you never have to stress again about finding quality experts to help you achieve your business goals.