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Your Ultimate 2021 Writing Workshop. Watch Julia Write an Entrepreneur.com Article from Scratch, Step-by-Step. Learn How to Outline, Write, Research, Source Screenshots, & Self-Edit A Great Piece of Content (Includes AI Writing Tutorial!)

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Here’s the #1 problem online writers face:

“No one pays attention to my content.”

Or, worse yet: “My content isn’t bringing in any sales or results for my [boss/employer/client].”

You might even be a talented writer. You work hard at your wordsmithing. You have valuable stuff to share.

But your content simply isn’t working.

It gets zero comments and shares. It barely pulls in any leads and revenue. It does nothing to build brand authority.

Your client or your employer isn’t screaming with joy at the leads and sales that should be coming in from the campaigns you oversee or work in.

This gets you wondering: were you NOT cut out to be a writer after all?

Learn to Write Online Content that Works – Because Only Crappy Content is Falling Flat

Don’t doubt yourself.

The truth is, content marketing is a huge and growing industry.

In fact, it’s now worth $400 billion…and is expected to grow to $600 billion in the next three years.

So…there’s room for every content writer to make a fortune, right?

Makes sense, but maybe this doesn’t seem to be the case for you.

Because you’re working hard with your content. You publish 2-3 pieces per week. You might even focus on the right topics.

Still, everything falls flat.

  • No one is reading your blogs.
  • No one is noticing your brand through your content.
  • The comments you get are few and well-spaced.
  • You’re spending time and even money producing content, but getting zero returns on investment.
  • Clients/employers are antsy, unimpressed by beautiful words that “don’t really work”.

To make things worse, it’s not because you aren’t working hard enough. You are, my friend.

  • You spend hours (days even) racking your brain for ideas that will impress readers.
  • You sit up until 3am, staring at your work and praying to the muse of creativity that it’ll get at least 10 comments this time.
  • You put passionate work into everything you write.

If this is you, don’t worry.

Almost no one is “cut out” to be anything.

You simply need to learn the online writing formula for doing the things we love in the right way.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Learn Online Content Writing

Ok, so before you jump off this page and go enroll in a creative writing class…stop right now.

A class like that won’t help you.


Well, a class like that will teach you how to craft beautiful sentences for readers who have their feet up on their ottoman, ready to spend an hour or two immersed in literature.

If your dream is to become a novelist, go ahead and take it.

But if you want to become a profitable, in-demand online writer?


Because here’s the shocking truth: online readers are not here to read. ? (Nope. They don’t have the time to prop their feet up and sip hot chocolate while devouring your creative phrases.)

They’re here to solve a problem, and solve it quickly.

Which means, in order to get their time, attention, likes, comments, and shares…

…you need to follow a writing formula designed for fast, distracted, always-on-the-go online readers.

Wishing you had this formula on hand? You know, the kind that:

  • Is super simple and straightforward
  • Is easier to learn than that deep literary stuff (yup, you can learn it even if you don’t consider yourself “a writer”)
  • Will help you craft content from start to finish without confusion and burnout
  • Will get your online writing from ignored to adored
  • Will help you create authoritative content that builds huge trust with your audience

If you’re looking for a quick formula for writing content that generates leads, builds trust, and skyrockets sales through the roof…I have the perfect solution for you.

Learn to Write Online Content: My One-Hour Workshop for Winning Content

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers and Content Hacker.

Want to know the #1 asset that helped me grow brands based on content from tiny startups to seven figure businesses?

Here it is:

My formula for stellar content.

It’s really that simple.

And now, I want to share this formula with you.

That’s why I’ve created a one-hour workshop called Learn to Write Online Content.

Inside, you’ll get the exact content writing formula I’ve used over and over again to impress 5,000+ clients and raise my content agency to the top of the industry—updated for 2021.

That’s right. You’ll watch me write, step-by-step, an article for Entrepreneur.com—from scratch.

Inside my ALL-NEW Learn to Write Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between online content and “traditional” writing
  • The secret structure of blogs that work well and pull in hundreds of thousands of readers
  • How to make your content stand out in a sea of noise
  • The rules to follow so you never lose your audience’s trust
  • How to use (and not be replaced by) AI technology
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when writing great content
  • And so much more!

This program comes with a workbook, charts, exercises, and everything you need to get the success you’re looking for with content.

In only one hour, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills that’ll get your writing from being ignored and falling flat…

…to standing out and pulling in a legion of adoring followers.

Learn To Write Online Content

Do You Qualify to Write Online Content?

Quick disclaimer.

This training isn’t for everyone. It’s not for you if you’re:

  • Someone who doesn’t have what it takes to put in the hard work to gain success
  • Someone who doesn’t care about results, as long as the work is done and the content is “published”

But if you can say YES to five of the seven points below? This training was made for you.

  • You want your content to stand out online.
  • You want your boss or employer to JUMP for joy at the results your content brings in.
  • You’re unhappy with content that’s just a placeholder on the already noisy web.
  • You want to craft content that magnetizes followers, leads, and revenue.
  • You want to save time and write with purpose following a tried-and-proven formula.
  • You’re openminded and up for learning new things.
  • You’re naturally curious and ready to test newfound skills.
  • You have an hour of time to set aside to absorb my training.

Checked more than five of the pointers?

This workshop will be life-changing for you—and it contains all-new training that you won’t find ANYWHERE else, in any of my programs.

What Julia’s Students Say

My training has been trusted by 500+ students, and dozens of leading agencies, including Airbnb, NextGen Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic and more

“As a published playwright and a veteran teacher of English for over 20 years, I consider myself a writer, but writing for social media and the internet really is a different animal. If you want to feel really confident about your social media content writing, then you want to take Julia’s writing programs. It’s an incredible experience where you unlearn all your bad behavior and learn all the good behavior on how to do the correct type of writing for digital platforms. She gives you an approach that you can use for online writing that you can use over and over again, while still keeping your writing fresh and your personality front and center. Julia isn’t just offering you a template, she’s offering you a system of thinking and communicating, Don’t wait. Sign up today. You won’t be sorry.”

Sura Rosenburg

Former English Teacher, now Content Writer

“As always, I’m super impressed with your thoroughness and I love the time built in to TAKE ACTION. I absolutely love the background music you chose too, it just makes the whole thing seem relaxing, inviting, and like I am working with a higher purpose! ?”

Sarah Schaefer Christopher

Freelance Writer

“I love all the valuable information you provide. For me it’s the first time I do a course on writing, and I really wanted to do it because I have been writing in social media and my blog for the past months, and all this time I just felt clueless. With your course I have received enough knowledge and resources so as to get me started and feel I will now know what I’m doing.”

Marielle Fois

Online Coach

Make $4,801 ROI from Writing and Publishing Just ONE Piece of Amazing Content

You might think it’s impossible to earn prospects and sales from your content—it just seems so out of reach.

I want to inspire you about the sheer power of content.

Inside this workshop, I teach you start-to-finish how to write a great article for massive publishing sites. (You’re watching me write one for Entrepreneur.com, over-my-shoulder style.) You’re paying just under $200 for that.

Now imagine making $5,000 back.

My guest blogs have brought in prospects that put down $5,000 on my services.

PSA: If you want a win like this, it all comes down to your skills. *NOT* your accolades. ?

The $5,000 client came to me back in 2015…

  • Before my bestselling books were out…
  • Before I spoke on a single stage…
  • Before I’d published any guest blogs on big publications…
  • Before I did a single hour of networking…

I wrote and published a 1000-word article teaching what I do as a service. The article was called How to Create Shareable, Likeable and Organic Content, and it went on SiteProNews.

Within four hours, we received a contact form from a HOT lead.

inside sales page image for learn to write

After several email conversations and custom project bids from our staff, Dave purchased content and strategy work for several sites from my agency at a price of $5,000!

My friends, this kind of strategic knowledge isn’t something you can waltz away with after reading a blog or two.

Knowing how to write content that brings in leads isn’t easy.

I had a ton of content that fell flat before I learned what works.

But it IS something you’ll be able to learn 100% start-to-finish in this workshop—guaranteed.

Now the question is, how much is online writing success worth to you?

Because the truth is, you can spend up to $60,000 a year to gain a creative writing degree…and come away with NO IDEA how to rock your online audience’s world and gain a legion of leads and superfans.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that amount for my Learn to Write Online Content Training.

In fact, you can get lifetime access to the whole training program for less than $200.

That’s right.

  • My entire blueprint for crafting magnetizing content from scratch
  • All my tips and techniques on writer’s mindset, outlining a piece of content so it stands out in a sea of noise, beating writer’s block with technology, editing and polishing, and more
  • All the worksheets and step-by-step tutorials that ensure you go in a straight line towards success
  • A special exercise you can use again and again when creating content that gains attention, leads, and revenue
  • And more

Are you ready to learn the writing skills you can use to attract those $5,000 (or more) clients?



What’s Included in the Learn to Write Online Content Workshop

  • A one-hour workshop on online writing broken down into bite-sized lessons
  • My 8-step formula for mouthwatering content
  • My expert editing tricks and techniques
  • A special exercise to get your writing muscles moving
  • Accompanying student workbook summarizing the lessons in text
  • Cheat sheets, guides, and templates
  • Exercise sheets to write in to solidify what you learn
  • Access to a live group training with Julia in the private student group
  • Forever access to your one-hour workshop