Press Release Writing

Learn the Formula, Tricks, and Techniques I Use to Get Thousands of Press Releases Published on Major PR Sites

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Struggling with press release writing?

Sure, you know what kind of exposure it will give your brand, especially if it’s accepted by a major publication.

But you’re sitting in front of your computer, scratching your head.

Your mind is blank.

What can you write to grab attention and get your press release published?

How can you stand out from other businesses trying to get their press releases read and shared?

Are there any mistakes to avoid when writing one?

How long should your press release be, and what exactly should you say in it?

If your mind is buzzing with all these confusing questions, you need my one-hour workshop, Press Release Writing.

Should You Even Be Writing a Press Release? (Hint: YES and NO)

OK, maybe you’ve heard that press releases are great…

…but you’re not actually sure that they’ll work for your business in today’s fast-paced, demanding digital world.

“Maybe they worked in 2013, but will they work today, when Google consistently releases algorithm updates to get rid of sleazy SEO tactics?”

If you’re thinking this, you’re 100% right.

Writing a press release for SEO will not work. (Please don’t try it – unless you have a time machine that can take you back to 2013.)

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write press releases.  

You should write them, not for SEO, but for brand exposure.

In fact, I’ll show you a quick example of why you SHOULD write them and how powerful they can be for you.

Let’s say, for instance, that you write a press release that gets accepted on a publication like eReleases.

Since eReleases is one of the major PR distribution services online, it promises huge potential for your brand:

  • 7 million contacts…
  • 700,000+ of whom are bloggers and social media influencers
  • 900,000+ of whom are journalists
  • 4,000+ of which are syndicated submission sites including
  • Exposure to major news outlets such as ABC, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and NBC

(Hint: eReleases is only one example of the tons of publications and channels you can get your news out to.)

So no, you should never write a press release to get that shady SEO backlink that’ll only be a waste of time.

But if your goal is to expose your brand to the top news outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers of today…

…then definitely go ahead and start crafting your press release.

How NOT to Write a Press Release (Common Solutions that Won’t Work)

Excited about your press release?

Of course you are.

All you have to do is type up a random piece of news about your business and send it to as many publications as you can, right?

Not so fast.

Because the truth is, submitting to a publication or channel is just like showing a manuscript to an agent or editor.

Maybe they’ll be blown away because it follows industry rules 100%, plus is super fresh and unique…

…but most likely, they’ll reject it.

Here are two myths you should never believe about press releases.  

1. Writing Skills Are All You Need for Stellar Press Releases 

If you have a savvy, experienced in-house or freelance writer, great.

But before you instruct them to write you a quick press release, stop for a minute.

A press release is nothing like a blog. 

Which means, even your most skilled writer (or yourself, if you’re the one creating your brand’s content) can botch things up and ruin your chances of getting published on a major site.

Yup. Writing skills aren’t enough to get stellar press releases out there.

What you need is a formula that works.

2. You Should Go Long and Target Many Different Audiences

Think of your work getting published on a site like eReleases.

You’ll potentially reach 1.7 million people and news sites.

Which means, you should write a long press release with a ton of stories targeting different people in your audience.



In fact, there’s a specific word length for press releases, and going over it means you’ll (likely) be rejected.

Now, I know.

All these rules feel like a lot.

And you don’t want to spend days or even weeks diving into the ton of contradicting information on Google.  

If only there were a proven and tested formula for writing press releases that get read and published by major publications and channels…

Press Release Writing: My One-Hour Workshop and Proven Formula for Press Releases that Get Read and Published

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers and Content Hacker.

Want to know something exciting?

My team at my content agency, Express Writers, has written hundreds of successful press releases.

These press releases have been accepted on eReleases, PR Web, local news sites, and TV publications.

Our clients return to us again and again because we know the rules and formulas, plus what it takes to get a press release noticed, read, and published. (We’re proud of our 100% success rate.)

Now, I could send you over to our content shop, where you can get a single press release written for $199.

Considering the ROI that could bring you, it’s a real steal. (Hundreds of our clients love our work.)

But I thought, why not give you our powerful press release formula itself, so you can write unlimited press releases of your own?

This formula is exactly what you’ll get in my one-hour Press Release Writing workshop.

Inside, I’ll give you the tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets that we’ve used to write hundreds of successful press releases.

Sound great?

Here’s what you’ll learn in my action-packed, hit-the-ground-running one-hour workshop:

  • The magic formula for press releases that get published (from our 100% success rate with happy clients)
  • The voice you should stick to when writing press releases
  • The style directions of a press release (what to include so you don’t come off as unprofessional)
  • The word limit you should never go over with your press release (hint: it’s completely different from blogs)
  • How to create a “newsworthy headline” that grabs attention from line #1
  • Common press release mistakes to stay away from (how to avoid getting ignored by journalists and PR publications)
  • The easy formula for positioning your company in a good light
  • How to maximize your press release’s “about” section to generate leads for your brand
  • How to use AI to formulate a press release draft
  • The best PR submission outlets
  • And much more!

This workshop comes with a workbook, a downloadable press release template that follows our special formula, examples, and guidelines geared to take you straight to your goal.

In only one hour, you’ll say good-bye to rejected press releases and hours of wasted time…

…and hello to every single must-have ingredient you need for writing press releases that get accepted, every time!

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Do You Qualify to Be in the Press Release Writing Workshop?

I’ll drop a quick disclaimer here.

This one-hour workshop isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for:

  • Someone looking for spam-y, sleazy ways to gain an SEO backlink
  • Someone who doesn’t have what it takes to learn new skills and strategies
  • Someone who doesn’t care about results (e.g. my client asked me to write a 500-word press release, so I’ll go ahead and write it, get paid, and forget all about it because I don’t care whether it gets accepted or not.)

BUT if you can say YES to five of the seven points below, this workshop was made for you.

  • You want to generate a ton of leads through press releases that get published on major news sites.
  • You want top journalists and influencers to hear about your brand.
  • You want to stop wasting time writing press releases that get ignored or rejected.
  • You want an easy, plug-and-play formula you can use again and again to get your press releases published.
  • You’re openminded and excited to try new things.
  • You feel that investing in yourself (or your in-house writer) is better than splurging on sleazy tactics that don’t work.
  • You have an hour of time to set aside to absorb my training.

Checked more than five of these pointers?

This workshop will change your life – and it contains training you won’t find anywhere else, even in my other programs.

What Julia’s Students Say

My courses have changed the lives of my students. My training has been trusted by 500+ marketers, and dozens of leading agencies, including Airbnb, NextGen Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, and more.

“I want to give Julia…a big endorsement. Personally, I don’t want to waste time writing for the sake of writing and hoping it gets views. My favorite part? Access to Julia! You get your questions ANSWERED. If you’re on the fence about this, what I can tell you — if you DO the work, you are guaranteeing yourself success. Thank you, Julia! The best part, I almost forgot to say — the course continues to get better! She brings in speakers and updates the material all the time, which is amazing.”

Zee Ali

Online Entrepreneur, ZSwag

“I don’t know how I found Julia, but I’m glad I did. Her course materials are comprehensive and up to date. She has taught me enough to start getting great ideas. Go for it!”

Stuart Williams

Content Creator , The Consciousness Portal

“Her courses are some of the BEST I’ve seen! Love it.”

Gina Bernier

Copywriter and Strategist,

New Traffic Streams from One Press Release: If Your News is Noteworthy, They Will Come

When my writing agency has written press releases (for agency owners announcing a new division, book authors, company founders announcing a new product); our clients are able to measure new traffic streams from that press release back to their website.

We’ve written over 3,000 press releases in the space of a decade for our clients. I’ve written internal training that has helped our content writers become successful press release writers.

We write a great press release for our clients. They publish it on the network or submission outlet of their choice.

Sometimes, they’ve experienced over a thousand new visitors in one day from a well-written press release getting picked up by major outlets. And from those visitors, 10% have become prospects!

A well-written press release that gains attention is critical to the success of your news story. Using the strategies I teach in this workshop, start-to-finish, you’ll know exactly how to structure a press release that is noteworthy enough to earn new traffic streams back to the right website (your client’s, yours, etc.).

You’ll know where to place a website link, and what kind of contact information to put inside a press release (including what not to put in and where to place it, to avoid experiencing hits from robots). Inside this training, you’ll also learn in a bonus video what submission outlets you can use or recommend to your clients for real, tangible results (and avoid the ones that aren’t so good).

That’s right.

  • The special press release formula we’ve used to get hundreds of press releases accepted by major publications and channels
  • All my tips and techniques on formatting a powerful press release, avoiding common pitfalls that’ll get your press release ignored or rejected, using AI to speed up your process, and more
  • A downloadable template, top-notch examples, a workbook, and guides that ensure you’re going in a straight line towards success
  • And more!

So, are you ready to learn the formula and skills that’ll get your press releases published for millions of journalists, news agencies, and influencers?

Remember, a single powerful press release done right will cost you $199 or more.

But with my workshop, you won’t need to order another DFY press release…

…because you’ll get the exact formula for writing unlimited flawless press releases any time you want.

What’s Included in the Press Release Writing Workshop

  • One-hour press release training workshop broken down into 5 bite-sized video lessons
  • The special formula for writing press releases that get noticed and published (watch over my shoulder as I write a press release using this formula)
  • My guide for using AI to formulate a press release draft
  • A downloadable template you can use to plug-and-play for your own publish-ready press releases
  • A student workbook summarizing the lessons in text
  • Examples of stellar press releases
  • Guides that help you stay laser-focused on your goals
  • Access to a live group training with Julia in the private student group
  • Forever access to your one-hour workshop