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Never Again Create Content that Gets Ignored Online

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Ever get the feeling that you should stop creating content?

Sure, maybe you love writing blogs and filming YouTube videos.

And maybe you’re good at it.

There’s one problem, though: your audience doesn’t care.

Or it seems that way, because you get zero engagements on your posts and nothing but a tiny trickle of views on your videos.

The truth is, you don’t even know what your audience thinks.

You don’t know what they want. You don’t know their secret fears and desires. You don’t know what’s on their minds at the moment (since this changes a lot, you can spend a ton of time guessing and never figure it out).

Now, what if I told you there’s a tool that lets you know you exactly what your audience wants, thinks, and feels?

Great news. There is.

In my one-hour workshop, How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo, I’ll show you the secret strategies I use in my #1 favorite topic research tool so you can dig into the minds of your audience and forever hold their attention.

The Real Reason Your Audience Is Ignoring You (Hint: It’s Not Because You Suck)

Let’s say you have a great brand, a client-focused product or service, and stellar content creation skills.

You’ll instantly be a success and pull in a ton of leads and revenue.


Not so fast.

Because the truth is, people are constantly changing.

For instance, think back to early 2020, when the pandemic began.

People were panicking. Confused. Anxious. Desperate to adjust to the new norms of isolation and social distancing.

Now, image that you own a travel company. Would you still keep pushing out content giving tips on travel?

Of course not.

You’d shift. Give your audience what they’re looking for in the moment. Articles on virtual travel, maybe. Or how to take stunning photos in their backyard.

If you didn’t, you’d end up ignored. Maybe even lose your audience.

This is only an example, but it’s a powerful one.

The reason your audience is ignoring you may not be because you’re bad at creating content.

Maybe…it’s because you’re not creating the kind of content they want and need right now.  

The only question is: how do you know exactly what kind of content they want?

How NOT to Reengage Your Audience (Common Solutions that Won’t Work)

So, let’s say you’re sitting in front of your computer.

Staring at a blank page and blinking cursor.

You want to reach your audience, spark those minds, engage those leads.

But you have no idea how.

Here are two common solutions you might take. (Hint: These don’t work, so please don’t do them.)

1. Try to Guess What Your Audience Wants

You stay up until 3am, racking your brains for ideas that’ll attract your audience’s attention. You try to think like them. Get into their shoes. You brainstorm until you feel dried out.

Problem is, this won’t work.

No matter how you try to imagine yourself in your audience’s place, you’ll never know if you got it right.

And this is a recipe for a huge waste of time.

2. Copy Your Competitors

You check out what kind of content your main competition is creating, then go ahead and do the exact same thing.

The only difficulty is, how do you know what’s working for them?

You can waste a ton of time duplicating what they do, and if that falls flat, you will fall even flatter.

Don’t you wish there were a better way?

A powerful, data-backed tool you could use to dig into your audience’s brain, find out what they want and love, and create exactly that so you can forever hold their attention and never run out of sizzling ideas?

How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo: My One-Hour Workshop Teaching You the #1 Tool I Use to Never Run Out of Content Ideas My Audience Adores

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers and Content Hacker.

If you’re struggling with getting your audience’s attention and scratching your head because you’re out of topic ideas…

…I totally feel you.

Back in the day, when my content agency was new, I was just like you.

  • I was waking up in the morning panicking, wondering what the heck I would write and publish that day.
  • I was stressed out and exhausted.
  • I was pushing out content I didn’t 100% love.
  • I wasn’t getting the kind of attention I knew would skyrocket my brand to the top of the industry.
  • I knew it was essential to be persistent and post content every week, but I had run out of ideas on what to write about.

All that ended when I started using BuzzSumo.

With this data-backed tool, I was able to learn what my audience was loving in real-time, so I could stay ahead and create content for them.

But the truth is, BuzzSumo is complex. There are tools within tools, and without content marketing knowledge, you could go around in circles wondering what to do with the data you get.

That’s why I put together a one-hour workshop called How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo.

Inside, I’ll walk you through exactly how I use the tool to spy on my competitors, find out what my audience is thinking and feeling, and come up with unlimited content ideas.

I’ll show you:

  • The different ways I use the content discovery tool to spark up brand-new topic ideas
  • How to find the top-shared pieces for any website, so you can learn exactly what kind of content your audience loves and wants more of
  • How to spy on your competitor’s content and find out what’s working and what’s not
  • How to research topics for any industry
  • How to figure out when to go for a topic and when to leave it alone
  • And so much more!

This workshop comes with a workbook, guides, examples, over-the-shoulder videos showing you how to do everything step-by-step, and access to a private group where you can get feedback from me and my community on the hot topics you’re discovering.

In only one hour, you’ll say good-bye to burnout, confusion, and the feeling of being ignored by your audience…

…and hello to confidently planning what to write and knowing it’ll be devoured the moment you publish it.


Do You Qualify to Be in the How to Find How Topics with BuzzSumo Workshop?

Ok, quick disclaimer.

This workshop isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for:

  • Someone who doesn’t understand the power of quality content
  • Someone who doesn’t have the persistence to post content every single week
  • Someone who doesn’t care about what their (or their clients’) audience thinks, as long as content gets published
  • Someone who doesn’t like learning new skills

But if you can say YES to five of the seven points below, you’ll love what’s inside this workshop.

  • You want to please your audience with useful tips, advice, entertainment, and education – and have it match what they’re interested in.
  • You want to get a ton of shares and engagement on your content, so you get discovered by people who’ll soon become your passionate fans.
  • You want to stop wasting time publishing content that gets ignored.
  • You’re tired of staring at a blank page and blinking cursor.
  • You want to learn how to use a data-backed tool that tells you what your audience is thinking and feeling at the moment.
  • You’re openminded and excited to try new things.
  • You have an hour of time to set aside to absorb my training.

Checked more than five of the pointers above?

Then my workshop will change your life – it contains training that can’t be found anywhere else, even in my other programs.

What Julia’s Students Say

My courses have changed the lives of my students. My training has been trusted by 500+ marketers, and dozens of leading agencies, including Airbnb, NextGen Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, and more.

“As a digital strategist, I’ve been able to grow my end profits with the course and apply what I learned from Julia to create high-ROI content, ultimately turbo-charging my content strategy game.”

Mariana Norton

Business Success Strategist,

“Big Win I just realized today…Julia leaves her ego at the door so her students can take off and fly.”

Matthew Shafer

Content Creator

“I cannot get enough of Julia’s advice, leadership, and knowledge. Julia respects and illustrates the importance of SEO writing and the foundational tools you need to write SEO-driven content for your industry, but most importantly, focuses on the audience/client first. In today’s market, the customer is central to all content marketing and Julia reiterates this power in all of her lessons.”

Bre South

Communications Manager at Wheel

140,000+ Readers from One Hot Topic: Earn MEGA Content Attention After Learning My Hot Topic BuzzSumo Research Strategies

Knowing how to find a keyword that ranks in Google is not enough for a winning content strategy. In this reshaped world we live in, your audience wants to know that you as a marketer, brand or publisher care about what they care about.

Prove that to them by discovering what they care about, what headlines they share the most in your industry, and then speaking to them from those areas. Your weapon of choice: a powerful data research tool and the techniques (read: learned skills) to uncover a gold mine of data.

Time and time again, I’ve been able to do this with BuzzSumo. In fact, my specific, secret-sauce BuzzSumo topic research strategies are how I’ve created top-read content on places like Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal that earned most-read for the entire month. 

You don’t have to reinvent the “hot topic” wheel with a brand-new fancy topic that took you hours of steam and shower time to come up with. ?

All you have to do is login to a powerful data research tool and use my strategies to recreate what’s sitting at the top in your industry. You won’t copy and paste anything; you’ll create original content using your place of differentiation…but you’ll create it in a proven topic area backed by data and your time doing current research.

Trends change on the daily, and you’ll learn strategies you can use time and time again for success in the future, too.

Ready to get six figures in reader droves on your next content piece?

When you enroll you’ll get:

  • A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how I use BuzzSumo to generate unlimited topics my audience will adore
  • All my tips and techniques on using the different discovery tools inside the platform
  • All the examples, guides, and exercises that ensure you’re going in a straight line to success
  • A topic-discovery exercise to help you flex your creative muscles
  • Access to me and my community, so you can show your progress on finding hot topics, ask questions, and share your success
  • And so much more

So, are you ready to learn the steps that’ll lead you towards your goal of tons of engagement and love from your audience?

What’s included in the How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo Workshop

  • One-hour BuzzSumo training broken down into 5 bite-sized videos
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials teaching you how to navigate the platform
  • Step-by-step guides showing you how to use BuzzSumo to find topics for guest blogs and your own or your clients’ blogs, spy on your competitors, find YouTube topics that will compel your audience to watch, and more
  • Access to feedback on the hot topics you discover
  • A topic discovery exercise that will get your creative juices flowing
  • A student workbook summarizing the lessons in text
  • Guides to help you stay laser-focused on your goals
  • Access to a live group training with Julia in the private student group

Forever access to your one-hour workshop.