How to Build & Launch a Website

Learn How to Plan, Assemble, & Delegate the Build of Successful Websites that Last for Years and Earn Seven Figures in Revenue

how to build and launch a great website

You know you need a website.

I mean, ever hear of a successful brand that doesn’t have a website today?

Bet you haven’t.

But there’s a reason you don’t have a website yet.

That stuff is complex.

You have no idea what you need to get one started from scratch.

You’re clueless about all things domain, hosting, plugins, design, and tools. 

And while you can hire someone on Upwork…can you really trust them to create a site that builds trust with your audience, serves as your online calling card, and generates a ton of leads and revenue?

Probably not.

If this sounds like you, you need my one-hour workshop, How to Build & Launch a Website.

Do You Really Need a Website? (Hint: That Depends!)

Ok, before you roll your eyes and say, “Of course I need a website”… need to listen to this.

To thousands of people out there, creating a website will be a complete waste of time.

It’ll go like this:

  • They’ll read blogs on how to use WordPress, then spend hours stumbling around trying to build a site.
  • They’ll skip the essentials of a powerful website.
  • They’ll fail to add the critical ingredients all websites need to work.
  • They’ll launch their site and wait for leads and revenue to start rolling in.
  • *crickets*
  • They’ll send a link of their site to potential clients, but get ignored.
  • They’ll leave their site alone, an unwanted memory of wasted time and effort.

Now, you don’t want that to be you.

Unfortunately, over 90% of online content gets ignored, which means you have a big chance of falling into that sad pool.


It is.

But for some “lucky” people (me included), things just work. Owning a website is the #1 reason for brand success. (Hint: luck really has nothing to do with it.)

Here are some cool stats to prove it:

  • SEO drives 1,000%+ traffic than social media (which is why a website optimized for SEO can get you all the leads and sales your business will ever need).
  • 68% of all online experiences begin at a search engine.
  • Users are 20x more likely to click your organic website search result over a paid ad.

If you’re feeling confused right now, don’t be.

Let me summarize it all for you.

If you’re simply going to throw together a few random ingredients, read contradictory blogs about how websites should be created, and sleepwalk your way through WordPress hoping everything will work out…you DON’T need a website. It simply won’t be effective in growing your business.

BUT. If you’re 100% determined to create a beautifully designed, user-focused, educational, SEO-optimized website…then you’re ready to build the site that will turn out to be the source of all the leads and ROI you will ever need.

(It’s true! Because of my fully optimized websites, I have never had to pay for a single ad to generate seven figures in revenue). In this case, you DO need a website. And you need it right now.

How Not to Build a Website (If You Plan on Doing These, You Should Ditch the Idea of Owning a Site Right Now)

I want to be crystal clear so you don’t waste time and energy putting together a website that will do you zero good.

So here are two things you should never do when building your site.

1. Create a Website to Simply Be an Online Placeholder for Your Brand

I’ve seen it a ton of times.

Websites that are just “there.”

They sit there and do absolutely nothing for the brand they represent.

  • They don’t generate a single lead.
  • They cause people to go “MEH, time to look for something else.”
  • They don’t build trust with visitors.
  • Heck, they don’t even pull in visitors.
  • They generate zero ROI.

Creating a website like this will simply add to the noise online, waste your time and money, and bring in zilch for your brand.

2. Hire a Random Freelancer to Quickly Throw Together a Website for Your Brand

Tell me something.

If you’re about to have your dreamhouse built, would you hire a random cheap contractor to “throw it together” for you?

Of course not.

You’d want the foundation to be solid. You’d want every single material used to be well-thought out and purpose-serving. You’d want the design to be flawless. And most importantly, you’d want your house to do its job: provide shelter, impress your friends, grow into a valuable nest egg in the long run.

The same is true of your site.

You can’t hire someone just because they have five stars and are listed as “web developer” on Upwork.

Doing this can be a recipe for disaster.

Now, all this can feel like a lot to take in.

If only you knew the formula for crafting a powerful website from scratch, the kind that pulls in a ton of leads, builds rock solid trust with prospects, and skyrockets your brand’s ROI.

How to Build & Launch a Website: My One-Hour Workshop Teaching You the Critical Essentials of Website Building

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers and Content Hacker.

If you ask me, putting together a worthy website is one of the hardest things we entrepreneurs face.

I don’t mean a randomly built and mediocre site, of course. (That’s easy to create.)

I mean a site that works, one that pulls in tens of thousands of organic leads, utilizes the now seven billion searches on Google, impresses visitors, helps you build a well-targeted list of prospects, and boosts revenue.

Trust me, I’ve been through serious website-building mistakes in my 10 years as an entrepreneur.

But also, I’ve learned.

After a million tweaks on my sites to test what works and what doesn’t…I now have a formula for building powerful, conversion-ready sites.

And I want to give it to you.

That’s why I’ve put together a one-hour workshop called How to Build & Launch a Website.

Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know on setting up your own site and becoming one of the few “lucky” people who get huge conversion from a single website. (Yup, you’ll learn it was never about luck, only clear-cut strategies that work.)

I’ll show you:

  • The #1 thing you should do before you even start planning your site
  • The proper mindset for websites that work (skip this step and your site is doomed to fail)
  • My journey to earning $100,000/month from my content agency’s well-optimized site (I’ve used my website, not ads, as my #1 source of revenue)
  • How to get your website found on Google without paying a cent on ads
  • My proven-and-tested 4-step guide to getting a great website together
  • Examples of stellar websites that work
  • The power of domain (how to choose one that’s right for you)
  • The best website platform for getting found on Google (don’t be tricked by “easy” website builders)
  • Why you shouldn’t build a site all by yourself (+a list of people I personally recommend you hire)
  • A list of my favorite tools and plugins for SEO list building and content promotion (my friends and I call one of these tools the “Disney World of Marketing”)
  • Why websites go wrong (and how to make sure yours doesn’t)
  • The critical ingredients you should never miss for website-building (miss one and your site could turn out to be a waste of time)
  • How to maintain your site so it’s powerful and effective throughout the years (no matter what updates Google rolls out)
  • And so much more!

This workshop comes with a workbook, examples, a cheat sheet for the list of critical website ingredients, and guides aimed to take you straight to your goal with zero fluff and wasted time.

Plus, once you join, you can get your site reviewed by fellow students and me!

Simply post it inside the private student group you’ll get exclusive access to, and I’ll pop over and give it a look. (Your classmates in the workshop will do the same, because in my community, we all have each other’s backs!)

How to Build & Launch a Website gives you all the essentials for a stellar, conversion-generating website in only one hour of action-packed learning.

how to build and launch a great website

Do You Qualify to Be in the How to Build & Launch a Website Workshop?

Quick disclaimer.

This workshop isn’t a magic pill, and it’s not for everyone.

It’s not for:

  • Someone who’s unwilling to invest in improvement
  • Someone who’s OK with a useless website, as long as a website exists
  • Someone who doesn’t have the passion and dedication to learn new things

BUT if you can say YES to five of the seven points below, this workshop was made for you.

  • You want to generate a ton of leads through a trust-building, high-converting website.
  • You want to impress people who visit your site.
  • You don’t want to waste time putting together a site that’ll only be a placeholder in a digital world filled with too much noise.
  • You don’t want to spend a ton of time reading random contradictory blogs that don’t give you a step-by-step formula for a killer website. (You’re a busy person and want a simple, fast-action, proven-and-tested formula that works.)
  • You’re openminded and love trying new things.
  • You feel that investing is essential to growth (nope, you’re not one of those tight-fisted entrepreneurs who stay in a rut for years).
  • You have an hour of time to set aside to absorb my training.

Checked more than five of these pointers?

This workshop will change your life. It contains all-new training you won’t find anywhere else, even in my other programs.

What Julia’s Students Say

My courses have changed the lives of my students. My training has been trusted by 500+ marketers, and dozens of leading agencies, including Airbnb, NextGen Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, and more.

“Julia makes use of more than just her own resources…she draws on the wisdom of other influencers in the industry with proven success. Real studies and statistics support her claims, so she’s not just opinionating. Julia is also amazing at feedback – she answers promptly and provides highly useful answers and examples. Thank you, Julia, for your tireless help and deeply comprehensive answers…I’ve not experienced that from an instructor in a while!”

Elizabeth Dodd

Content Researcher at Conductor

“I wish I’d found Julia’s courses sooner. It’s given me everything I needed to learn…as I started my own content business!”

Angelina Dickinson

Freelancer & Content Creator

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. I love how you explained everything so clearly…Your programs and guides have been a great experience and I appreciate the time you took to teach the course, and I am looking forward to using my newfound skills…”

Majd Moussa

Digital Product Manager at ThirdSpace

What if You Earned Back $5,369,801 in Sales in the Next 10 Years From Your Website(s)?

That giant number is no joke. That’s dollar-for-dollar the combined worth in total sales over the last ten years of both of my businesses, minus the cost of this workshop. $4,999,801 from my first brand Express Writers™, + $370,000 to date, as of summer 2021, from my growing second brand The Content Hacker™.

POW! Talk about an incredible feat. And honestly, when I look back and realize I started with less than $75, it’s an incredible and powerful feeling to realize how far we’ve gotten.

Guess what my growth vehicle was?

My website.

No ads. No trade shows. No webinar funnels. Not a single event to have to show up for.

100%–the vehicle of growth has been organic content on my website.

And organic content on other people’s websites. (Guest blogging. Check out the BuzzSumo workshop for how to go about that one.)

I believe your website is your calling card. It says everything about you or your brand (or your employer’s/client’s, if you work for someone else). And if it’s crummy, YIKES. You won’t make 25,000x back in ROI over the next ten years. Forget that pipe dream right now.

But if you buckle down and use the strategies in this workshop to build the business website of your dreams? You’ll make this workshop investment back 25,000x –and then some.

So, let me ask…

What’s holding you back from jumping in for a measly $200, when the reward can be this great? Be ready to put in real effort, and these strategies WILL work.

When you enroll, you’ll get.

  • My entire blueprint for crafting the kind of website that has generated me seven figures in sales
  • All my tips and techniques on the right mindset for your website, the 4 essential steps you should follow when building a site, the critical ingredients you should never leave out from your site, and so much more
  • All the examples, guides, and cheat sheets that ensure you’re going in a straight line to success
  • Access to me and my community, so you can show us your website and get our honest feedback
  • And more

So, are you ready to learn the steps that’ll get you the kind of website that works wonders for your brand?

What’s Included in the How to Build & Launch a Website Workshop

  • One-hour website building training broken down into 5 bite-sized videos
  • The 4-step formula I follow for building conversion-ready websites
  • The critical ingredients cheat sheet (so you never miss out on any of the essentials that ensure your site doesn’t fall flat)
  • Access to feedback on your website from me and my community
  • A student workbook summarizing the lessons in text
  • Examples of stellar websites
  • Guides that help you stay laser-focused on your goals
  • Access to a live group training with Julia in the private student group
  • Forever access to your one-hour workshop